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wasn’t there some text file that had him as a CIA agent at one point from Daniel Brandt’s organization? TBH I have no idea how credible this was and I’m leaning towards “not very, but more than aliens” but I dunno, you lot know more about this methinks



Ever since I found the anti-Sci websites and the Anonymous website, I have been reading like crazy online through the forums as well as books written by ex-Scientologists. One issue that keeps tripping me up how much Scientology as a group seems untouchable to criticism and being challenged by ex-Scientologists. It just makes me so angry. Have you read about Scientology messing up with the FBI and Operation Snow White? Also about how Scientology has millions of dollars on hand for litigation purposes (for lawsuits) if ex-Scientologists sue Scientology about something. It seems as if Scientology hires the best of the best lawyers in the country to defend Scientology’s position and Scientology wins the case 99% of the time. How can we make Scientology and Scientologists wake up and publicly admit that they made mistakes and had abused people within the cult? I read a book recently that mentioned how law enforcement, police officers, lawyers, and the FBI as well as the IRS, I assume, are all afraid to go against Scientology and accuse them of doing something wrong, whether it is an individual or the cult as a whole.


What kind of conspiracy theories did you believe or observe when you were in Scientology?

The one that we hear about most often is Scientology’s crazy set of ideas about psychiatry, and there’s also a lot of anti-government stuff that emanates from Hubbard. For whatever reasons, Scientologists seem to more commonly develop other wacky beliefs. I’m talking about really far-out things: the government is purposefully putting chemicals in the water supply in order to control people, a secret group of bankers is controlling the world’s money supplies, etc.

Any interesting stories or observations you can share?



Couldn't help but reply to Bodhi Elfman's tweet making fun of Jewish people

Originally seen on Tony Ortega’s blog, Bodhi Elfman decided to make fun of Jewish people in a Facebook post. A loyal commenter on his blog pointed out a Twitter conversation (on Aug 26). Seeing as it is a more open forum than Facebook, I decided to speak my two cents.

It is a perfect example of Scientology hypocrisy, as he goes unaccused of raping children. His wife, Jenna Elfman was by his side as she called someone wearing a “Scientology is gay” t-shirt a child rapist. Bodhi was suspected, but not accused of preparing to take a swing at the man.

Scientologists in action! Click the pic for the whole story.

Roecker says Jenna repeatedly said “What crimes have you committed?” and began screaming at Roecker, “Have you raped a baby?” as motorists on Los Feliz Boulevard drove by in snarled traffic.

Roecker says it appears that Bodhi Elfman prepared to take a swing at him, but thought against it. 

I got a bunch of books from the library, and my library has a bunch of old books about brainwashing from back then during the 1950’s to the 1960’s, during the Cold War with Russia and Communism.  I just wanted to find out whether the various strategies that LRH used to indoctrinate his followers were considered brainwashing or was only attributed to LRH’s charisma and positive spirit.  I found it interesting how LRH’s form of indoctrination is pretty similar to Chairman Mao in China.  I skimmed through a very old copy of Dianetics, and it’s boring as hell!  One of the things a leader does to brainwash his followers is to have them read boring books that are long-winded and go on forever such as LRH’s books.  These books are full of unproven propaganda to “show” that LRH’s technique works and you are being brainwashed into believing that it works.  Another brainwashing technique is to have a routine of repeated confessions where you have to list everything you know or did wrong.  Scientology has a lot of interrogations where you have to doubt your own integrity and goodness and make you change your thinking around in thinking that the approach of LRH might make you a “good and more ethical” person.  The e-meter is a crude lie detector.  The average person on the street would freak out and refuse to take a lie detector test and confess all of his/her secrets.  I think this is proof enough that Scientologists are being brainwashed.


 Hi, I’m not a Scientologist.  I noticed from my reading about Scientology online through the blogs and websites of ex-Scientologists that they don’t mention some things about Scientology.  There are disputes about the permission of having abortions, do you know anything about this?  I also wonder what sex education would look like through the lens of LRH, and whether it is permissible to use birth control, condoms, or other forms of protection against sexual diseases.


The entire event was shrouded in tarps so that no one could see inside. They even blocked a guy from getting out of his apartment complex.

This is the event where they wrestle as much cash from famous people as they can.

I wish more people had showed up. It was just us two (me and my friend behind the camera) and one other guy taking pictures. You can hear me talking to him the background.