What about Scientology and conspiracy theories? – Our first question from WWP

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What kind of conspiracy theories did you believe or observe when you were in Scientology?

The one that we hear about most often is Scientology’s crazy set of ideas about psychiatry, and there’s also a lot of anti-government stuff that emanates from Hubbard. For whatever reasons, Scientologists seem to more commonly develop other wacky beliefs. I’m talking about really far-out things: the government is purposefully putting chemicals in the water supply in order to control people, a secret group of bankers is controlling the world’s money supplies, etc.

Any interesting stories or observations you can share?

From: https://whyweprotest.net/community/threads/ask-an-ex.113140/#post-2350073

Interesting question. Actually many, if not all, Scientologists believe in conspiracy theories. Hubbard believed the government was out to get everyone, along with psychiatrists and drug companies. Most criminals try to say the government is out to get them for other reasons than the most obvious one: they are a criminal.

Scientology teaches it’s followers to ignore their baser instincts and the obvious truths of life. As a result, it destroys critical thinking skills and rational though; things that most of us take for granted.

I used to be deep into conspiracy theories. I used to visit a lot of the conspiracy sites on the web. I believed that the HAARP program in Alaska was intended for thought control. I believed that our government was in regular contact with aliens. I believed that chemtrails were real. I believed that there was a secret banking cabal that was bent on shrinking the world population. I believed vaccinations caused autism. I believed that HIV was caused by a parasite in the liver. I believed that all natural things were the best cure. I believed that chiropractors actually did medical work.

Scientologists believe all those things and more.

Once I became an adult and started reading things on my own, I realized that it was all bullshit. Conspiracy theories and Scientology are cut from the same cloth: they are escapism.

A particularly interesting story is about the ‘faked’ moon landing. A Scientologist was studying some of L. Ron’s lectures and realized that he said that Xenu put a screen around the planet to prevent us from leaving. Supposedly the Van Allen belts were that screen. They prevent spirits and physical objects from escaping Earth (which is really just an intergalactic prison planet). Anyway, according to this Scientologist, the moon landing was impossible because they astronauts would have to go through that screen.

That’s all the proof they needed that the moon landing was fake.

Scientology has a front group called Citizens’ Commission on Human Rights (CCHR). They claim to protect human rights, but their real job is to eradicate psychiatry from the face of the Earth. They have a museum called, “Psychiatry: An Industry of Death“. After learning about how psychiatrists are responsible for WW2 and the Jewish holocaust, at the end of the museum, you can see a list of government conspiracy theories.

The irony and sad truth of all this being that Scientology itself is a conspiracy to fool their cattle into forking over as much cash as possible before they realize they’ve been duped, or die.

  1. skeptic4 says:

    Hi Derek,

    Have you moved yet? This is Missionary Kid.

    Your statement, “Conspiracy theories and Scientology are cut from the same cloth: they are escapism.” is the best summation of conspiracy theories I’ve seen. When I read that, it just clicked.

  2. Cat Daddy says:

    Funny that I have Autism Spectrum, don’t believe it was caused by vaccinations tough.Alsoo Hubbards Auditing was based on many psychiatric observations

    • dbloch7986 says:

      Um…yes because Hubbard was definitely a mental health professional. Just two weeks ago, at my most recent therapy appointment, I was walking in circles and looking at and touching walls for 4 hours! Suddenly I realized that my mother attempted aborting me when I was but a tiny embryo in her womb and that’s why I am afraid of wasps.

    • dbloch7986 says:

      No offense to you, but auditing is in no way psychiatric and is not based on science or fact.

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