David Miscavige is an Alien Spy

Posted: August 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

I’ve heard ( – yeah I know it’s hearsay) -that some indies truly believe that David Miscavige is a mole, planted by Marbab confederation to destroy scientology.
Of course these indies still praise the old con master ElRon, and they’re 100% fact resistant to the true nature of the old beast.

Any views on this?

From: https://whyweprotest.net/community/threads/ask-an-ex.113140/#post-2350073

Well my views are it’s bullshit. Scientology is not that exciting. It’s just your typical, boring cult.

I have heard this before though.

  1. Kathleen says:

    Hi again,

    Ever since I found the anti-Sci websites and the Anonymous website, I have been reading like crazy online through the forums as well as books written by ex-Scientologists. One issue that keeps tripping me up how much Scientology as a group seems untouchable to criticism and being challenged by ex-Scientologists. It just makes me so angry. Have you read about Scientology messing up with the FBI and Operation Snow White? Also about how Scientology has millions of dollars on hand for litigation purposes (for lawsuits) if ex-Scientologists sue Scientology about something. It seems as if Scientology hires the best of the best lawyers in the country to defend Scientology’s position and Scientology wins the case 99% of the time. How can we make Scientology and Scientologists wake up and publicly admit that they made mistakes and had abused people within the cult? I read a book recently that mentioned how law enforcement, police officers, lawyers, and the FBI as well as the IRS, I assume, are all afraid to go against Scientology and accuse them of doing something wrong, whether it is an individual or the cult as a whole.

    • dbloch7986 says:

      I made this into it’s own post. I personally find it offensive that the US Government claims to be about human rights while allowing Scientology to exist for so long. The bill of rights has no place inside the walls of a Church of Scientology.

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