Hi, I’m not a Scientologist.  I noticed from my reading about Scientology online through the blogs and websites of ex-Scientologists that they don’t mention some things about Scientology.  There are disputes about the permission of having abortions, do you know anything about this?  I also wonder what sex education would look like through the lens of LRH, and whether it is permissible to use birth control, condoms, or other forms of protection against sexual diseases.

This is a complicated question with a complex answer. First, to understand Scientology you must understand that it is not a religion. This question assumes that Scientology is a religion and has explicit views on sexuality and abortion.

The religious identity of Scientology is a farce. First and foremost Scientology is a business enterprise, created to consume the most money with the least overhead. This is why most Scientology employees slave away for minuscule paychecks–or sometimes for free if there isn’t any money to pay them. This is why any vendor who does business with a Scientology church and is not owned by a Scientologist, will not be paid on time; sometimes never get paid; and refuses to work with Scientology again.

The reason I say this, is specifically with regards to abortion. Hubbard did not necessarily say that “abortion” was wrong, but in the book ‘Dianetics’ he refers to abortion repeatedly. I will link you to a blog post by Tony Ortega (a noted investigative journalist who has specialized in reporting on Scientology for decades). In this blog post he talks about how Hubbard viewed attempted abortion.

Attempted abortion is very common. And remarkably lacking in success. The mother, every time she injures the child in such a fiendish fashion, is actually penalizing herself. Morning sickness is entirely engramic, so far as can be discovered, since clears have not so far experienced it during their own pregnancies. And the act of vomiting because of pregnancy is via contagion of aberration. Actual illness generally results only when mother has been interfering with the child either by douches or knitting needles or some such thing.

Hubbard was a well documented misogynist, so it’s not likely that he would have been a “pro-choice” advocate were he alive today.

You would think from his ramblings about attempted abortion, Scientology would be pro-life. However, the Church of Scientology is currently being sued for forced abortion. Tony Ortega has reported extensively on this lawsuit.

DeCrescenzo first filed suit against Scientology in 2009 after working as a member of its “Sea Org” for twelve years. She’s alleging that she suffered a number of abuses during that time, including a forced abortion when she was only 17. She has now been handed a huge trove of documents from her confessional “pc files” which may help bolster her case.

Based the reports of Ms. DeCrescenzo and reports of others on the internet, the Church of Scientology not only approves of abortions, but encourages them. This goes back to the idea of keeping down overhead costs. It is in the Church of Scientology’s best interest to encourage employees to have abortions so that they can keep working for slave wages.

Scientology doesn’t necessarily openly discourage sex for pleasure. There are few policies related to masturbation and pornography but all of them discourage both. Scientology doesn’t take a particular view with relation to contraception.

In the context of Scientology, everything you do should be for the greater good of the group. Sex is generally pegged as a distraction. I didn’t become sexually active until I had stopped practicing Scientology, but I was in a position to overhear conversations about sex between “Ethics Officers”. These guys are responsible for enforcing the Scientology code. Based on those conversations, pretty much anything besides plain ‘ol missionary is considered “bad”.

Hubbard did actively discourage discussing sex. In fact, most of his policies about sex make it generally taboo. I could imagine if he were to teach a sex ed class it would be trite and focus mainly on the biological function it serves.

There is no warning about STDs or prevention methods in Scientology. Their general view on disease is that in order to catch a disease you have to have done something wrong and so it is your fault you caught the disease.  Supposedly, if you are properly practicing Scientology, then you will never get sick. Most Scientologists are careless about their health. I can imagine that they would be even more careless about STDs.

  1. sidney18511 says:

    Actually Derek, I found a lecture from LRH posted on rutube where. He states that veneral diseases were caused by NOT having sex. Unbelievable! If you go to rutube and search L Ron Hubbard Scientology you can pull it up.

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