Our first Twitter Question – Explain the “patty-cake process”

Posted: August 26, 2013 in Uncategorized
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explain patacake-process used by scis of gestures (hands or eyes) to induce trance in wog of any age. Recruit tek

This is part of the second level of the “Bridge”. It’s called the “Objectives”. Essentially you are put into a trance-like state by mimicry. You follow the motions of another’s hands and focus on their hands. This is a common trick to induce a hypnotic state.

After that you are taken through a series of processes where you walk around and follow commands. Eventually culminating in you resigning your will to another human being. This essentially makes anyone, no matter who it is, unable to refuse the commands of a Scientologist. That’s how they make so much money and why people stay in for so long.

Basically you sit there and put your hands against another’s hands. Then they make motions with their hands and you are tasked with duplicating the emotions with your own hands. This is done in varying degrees of distance until you are in a trance, although most Scientologists don’t realize that they are in a trance. Because Hubbard declared hypnotism to be evil.

The you’re ask to walk back and forth between two walls. Every motion is done after a command given to you, “Look at that wall. Walk over to that wall. Touch that wall. Turn around. Look at that wall…” And so on. Eventually you become so accustomed to following another’s commands and submitting to their will that it’s second nature.

The last process is between a book and a bottle. You’re asked more complicated questions, to state the temperature of the bottle for example. Again, it basically trains you to unquestionably follow increasingly complex commands.


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