The SO is frequently called a “religious order” by the corporate mass media.  It sure doesn’t sound very religious to me.  Your description of it as prison seems much more fitting.  Did you feel like you were saving the world, though?

Not for a second. Most of the jobs I did were so menial and insignificant that I never once felt like I was doing anything. But people around you tell you that you are, so you just go with it. That’s how most Scientologists do: they follow the crowd and cognitive dissonance does the rest.

  1. Strubbl says:

    It would be too easy to break it down like this. Not all Scientologists follow the crowd and have cognitive dissonance although I must admit there are lots of them. I wasn’t Sea Org, but Org Staff in Germany for several years, 30 years all together, when I finally quit October 2012. When I came to Scientology I was impressed. Creating a better world, what a purpose. I hold several posts and could pursue this purpose. On Org level Scientology was really grass roots and people received help. When I realized after a few years that we will not create a better world this way I felt responsible and tried to change things. This was not appreciated and I left. I think it is not fair to blame people for their wish to help. There are many really good and warmhearted people in the Orgs. You must differentiate between the philosophie of Scientology and this money making incorporated Scientology. I stayed as long as I could help people, when at the end it turned out that the structure is so perverted that good people cannot survive any longer I quit. Now as an Independent Scientologist I can help people. And I still believe the Scientology Tech applied by the book can help people. I will never step into an Org again. It’s a rat’s nest.

    • dbloch7986 says:

      I wholeheartedly disagree. Built into the “philosophy” are things like disconnection, homophobia, discouraging people from seeking proper medical and mental health care, a feeling of invulnerability, neglect of children… and the list goes on.

      That’s like saying, “Christianity is good, if you take out the part about Jesus.”

      Also, you spent 30 years in the cult and left only on October of 2012. How can you say you weren’t following the crowd? You were in since 1982. The cult didn’t suddenly become a money grubbing cult a year ago. It’s been like that for ages.

      • Strubbl says:

        I understand that you have been hurt deeply. This gives you a totally different viewpoint. I have been in an Org, doing my post and did, what a real Scientologist is supposed to do, helping people: giving assists with miraculous results, Book1 in volumes and I experienced people cheer up, ehtics actions where people found the turning key to the better (Without this squirrel blaming and trying to make wrong). There is nothing wrong with Scientology, the point is that what is practiced in the so called church is no longer Scientology, it’s Miscavology. So you must not mix up the philosophy with the Miscave-Organisation. I stayed as long as I felt I can change something, maybe I overestimated my ability. but I swear you, my office was always an island of theta and we had fun and we got results. It’s a matter of creation and applying green of white. Policy protects when you kow and apply it. Instead of blaming me to follow the crowd you should acknowledge my persistence in pursuing my purpose to better the world and fighting against the perverted policy comming down the line to slay the honest people.
        When you only look at outpoints and don’t see the pluspoints are you really better than those incorporated so called Scientologists in the Orgs?

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