Could Scientology Have Benefits?

Posted: August 26, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Despite what you have been put through, is there ANY aspect of Scientology that you found to have a positive impact on your life? Does any Scientology practice actually have the potential to benefit a person?

As a follow up to these, is if you took the requisite “donations” out the equation, and auditing was administered without the cult-like observance to LRH’s bogus “scripture”, could people benefit from this? After all, stripped of its cult doctrines and criminal practices, Scientology is basically a form of community therapy,

The only aspect I could ever say that Scientology positively brought out in me is my personal strength to endure the suffering it caused me. I can honestly say that there is nothing about Scientology than any Ex Scientologist should hold on to.

Among many other things:

  • Scientology minimizes the importance of family bonds
  • It minimizes the importance of human life
  • Skews a person’s ability to view and understand the real world
  • Gives false impressions of human emotional states
  • Gives a false confidence that a person is able to face life with minimal risk

In the year that I have been receiving therapy I am much healthier and more well-adjusted than I ever was in Scientology.

Short answer: NO


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