Who helped you the most when leaving?

Posted: August 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

What person helped you the most on your journey out?  What did they do that helped you? What person do you most admire who is a part of the anti-Scientology movement?

The person who helped me the most during my recovery is someone I consider my brother. I met him at my first non-Scientology job. He put up with my quirkiness and weirdness. He ignored my shortcomings and accepted me as a friend.

Through him I made lots of other friends and built a family outside of the cult. He had no idea what he was doing for me. He accepted me into his life and gave me a reason to get up in the morning.

Facing my Scientology demons played no part in my journey out. What played the biggest role was finding out that there is more love and kindness outside of the cult than in. I was friends with him for 6 years before I finally broke my whole story to him. Discussing the cult, and my experiences in it was not a significant role in my journey.

It’s hard to say who I admire most. There are a lot of people who inspired me to speak out publicly. There are a lot of people who have gone through a lot of terrible abuse and harassment from the church. I have yet to experience anything so devastating.

To name a few:

  • Paulette Cooper
  • Tory Magoo
  • Garry Scarff
  • Jenna Hill
  • Claire and Marc Headley
  • Lawrence Wright
  • Tobin and Childs
  • Kate Bornstein
  • Nancy Many

Those are just a few and certainly that list is not in order of importance. It’s just in the order that their names came to mind.

I also really appreciate Leah Remini for what she is doing, although because of her status she won’t have to face disconnection to the degree that those people up there and I have.

The two primary things that were instrumental in my last couple of weeks before speaking out:

“Inside Scientology” by Janet Reitman

“The Total Freedom Trap” by Jon Atack


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