Scientology is similar to other fundamentalist religions

Posted: August 22, 2013 in Uncategorized
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In reading your story of transition out of $cientology, I realized that while I’ve never been in the cult that leaving my background in the controlling fundamentalist Christian background has some similarity.

The differences are that there was no disconnection and no fair game policy, and I was able to read what I wanted.  The similarities are that it was a controlling environment, and that I, as a child and young man, learned that I couldn’t express certain thoughts and feelings.

I also admire you Derek, because you’re a gentle soul.  You also have a lot of sympathy for others who are leaving or who have left.  I can say that though I’m now an atheist, I don’t hold the beliefs of the people I left behind against them.  It is their right to believe what they will.

On the other hand, it is not their right to try to proselytize me when I don’t want it.

I have sympathy and compassion for those who are still in as well. Even my own family, who have disowned me. Scientology is a massive mind rape. It usurps your native personality and replaces it with a “Scientologist”.

I consider Scientology a fundamentalist religion. Much like FLDS, Wesboro Baptists and the like. Eventually the Fundie church will fall and various modernized versions of the religion will take it’s place…or maybe just one like how FLDS dropped the “F”.

I think that the more that the rest of society moves on, the more that Scientology will be regarded as a fundamentalist religion with fundamentalist ideas. They refuse to evolve.

Thanks for reading. You are a gentle soul too and I have always appreciated your compassion around the internets!



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