What Scientology activities did you do as a kid? What was your Scientology childhood like?

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How steeped in Scientology was your childhood? Did you go to a Scientology school or afterschool/weekend/summer activity program? Did you read Hubbard books or take Scientology courses, and if so, were they specially geared for young people? And, in contrast, what non-Scientology activities did you do as a kid?

Also, when you joined the Sea Org at 15, that meant no high school education, right? Didn’t any of your friends or family look askance at that?

Thanks for sharing your experiences. I have tremendous admiration and respect for what you’ve done in the circumstances you were given.

Thank you for the respect. I appreciate it. I am glad I have earned it.

From age 6 I was raised in Scientology. There is quite a bit of “tech” written by Hubbard that relates to raising children. In fact, you can find a book called “Child Dianetics“.

Here is an interesting tidbit from page 6: “Permit a child to sit on your lap. He’ll sit there, contented. Now put your arms around him and constrain him to sit there. Do this even though he wasn’t even trying to leave. Instantly, he’ll squirm. He’ll fight to get away from, you. He’ll get angry. He’ll cry. Recall now, he was happy before you started to hold him. (You should actually make this experiment.)

Another from page 9: “The child has a duty toward you. He has to be able to take care of you; not an illusion that he is, but actually. And you have to have patience to allow yourself to be cared for sloppily until by sheer experience itself – not by your directions – he learns how to do it well. Care for the child? – nonsense! He’s probably got a better grasp of immediate situations than you have. Only when he’s almost psychotic with aberration will a child be an accident prone.

One of the most troublesome aspects of being raised in Scientology is that all Scientologists are taught to treat children as if they are “adults”. This not only justifies and condones all forms of child abuse in the minds of Scientologists, but minimizes their importance to the parents.

Scientology is egocentric and group-oriented. It is made to minimize the importance of other people, maximize self-importance and place the group first and foremost before anyone or anything else. As such, there is a lot of focus on indoctrinating parents to lessen or sever the bond with their children. It’s a long process, but it happens in every Scientology family.

As far as “child” courses, yes there are many.


Here is a Scientology front group that delivers them all in case you were wondering where to find them: Applied Scholastics.

My sister and I used to take courses after school and on the weekends. There wasn’t a lot of time for “hanging out” with friends. I was taking courses all the way up until I joined the Sea Org. There was hardly a time when I wasn’t.

I never participated in any non-Scientology after school activities. My parents refused to let me play sports, supposedly because I would, “get hurt.” Eventually I found out they had no money for equipment because they spent it all on Scientology services. That was the real reason. My dad tried to encourage me to get guitar lessons. After asking to participate in so many school activities and being refused, I wasn’t very interested.

You also brought up one memory. We went on vacation during summer, as a family, to Florida. While I was there I attended “Ability Plus”, a Scientology school. I learned not a damn thing. We spent most days on the beach. Most Scientology kids are heavily under-educated. The only reason I’m a tiny bit smarter than most of them is because I have a penchant for learning new things.

I joined the Sea Org just as I was supposed to start 10th grade. My dad harangued me about not joining while my mom encouraged me. It was the recruiters from the cult that did the real work though. Keeping me up until 2am, calling me all hours of the day and night for two years, picking me up from school… One time my parents thought I was kidnapped because the recruiters wouldn’t let me call them or even call them for me to let them know where I was. I got yelled at by my parents for that.

Things that children are supposed to learn, you are expected to know. So instead of being taught, like a normal child, you are disciplined if you make a mistake. It’s really awful. Children aren’t to be catered to and don’t deserve special attention. In fact it is the opposite, you are encouraged to neglect them so that they become more self-reliant.

I never had the “normal” loving parent-child relationship with my parents.

My parents were coerced into signing me over to the Sea Org, just as I was coerced into “joining”. However, I do hold my parents to task for allowing me to make such a stupid mistake. Though they would blame me for it, if you ask them. Because “children are adults”.

I did not finish high school. I did take the CHSPE (California High School Proficiency Exam) and so I got a High School Equivalency at age 16. The only reason I got to do that is because, as fortune would have it, there was outside pressure on the organization to graduate us. The ones that didn’t pass the exam were kicked out. I passed.

Yes, there were thousands of times that labor laws were violated, with me alone. I was not permitted to attend school. I passed the CHSPE by sheer luck. I worked 18 hours a day for three years. I was paid $50/wk. This is from age 15-18. I was kicked out of the Sea Org just two days after my 18th birthday. Everything I experienced in the Sea Org was as a minor.

Ask me if the courts in California, Florida or anywhere else in the United States care? No, they don’t. Because Scientology is a religion and can do whatever the hell they want.

I would sue the shit out of them if I could. Unfortunately, that’s expensive and I don’t have money.


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