Just a quick explanation

Posted: August 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

The feedback form, where it asks for comments or questions, inside the blog post is how you can send me a direct e-mail. Either to ask questions or give suggestions or complain. Whatever you feel like.

Below the blog post is the comment’s section. Just so everyone is clear.

Thanks for reading. Keep those questions coming!

  1. From The Bunker says:

    Sorry posted this in the wrong form.

  2. From The Bunker says:

    First of all, congratulations on getting out, getting help and finding the right community for support. I was never in, so I cannot even pretend know how awful your childhood was inside the cult. So I’m submitting these questions for you with all due respect, and with no intention to upset you:

    Despite what you have been put through, is there ANY aspect of Scientology that you found to have a positive impact on your life? Does any Scientology practice actually have the potential to benefit a person?

    As a follow up to these, is if you took the requisite “donations” out the equation, and auditing was administered without the cult-like observance to LRH’s bogus “scripture”, could people benefit from this? After all, stripped of its cult doctrines and criminal practices, Scientology is basically a form of community therapy, right?

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