What about that 50lbs of rocks mailed using the cult’s prepaid return envelope?

Posted: August 20, 2013 in Uncategorized
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What was the reaction when someone mailed back 50 pounds of rocks to the “church” using their business reply postcard? How much did it cost the “church”?

I saw your post about that on Ortega’s site, and I’M STILL LAUGHING!!! How much do you have to hate a group to gather and crate up 50lbs of rocks??

Last weekend, I walked by a full dumpster, from a patio demolition or something, and again almost cried leaguing. My husband had to stop me from walking with all the bricks I could carry.

Yes, indeed this happened! I remember. It was a heavy cardboard box. I happened to be in the mail room at the time it arrived. Neatly taped on top of the box was a return envelope paid for by the church. Inside the box were tons of rocks!

I was 15 at the time. I was too young to understand, but I remember asking someone why would a person send 50 lbs of rocks to us? They didn’t answer and I didn’t repeat the question (a little thing called thought-stopping).

Now I know!



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